Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mass and Confessions are still on for tonight


At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Night Owl said...

Is it true that there will be more use of Latin in the Liturgy? If this is true then where can one find the words so full participation in Mass can occur?

At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Night Owl said...

During the process of making water holy, does salt need to be added?

At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Kat said...

Night owl;

I know when the baptismal water is blessed they at one time (dont remember it is still done this way) they would add salt and crism oil, but I don't think it is a requirement for regular holy water, it just needs to be blessed by a priest.

As to revision of the liturgy, there are thousands of rumers floating around the blogosphere, wait and see what happens is my advice.


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