Monday, January 29, 2007

Can you help me?

As many of you know, we started a basketball team of Washington priests and seminarians two years ago called "DC 'Hood" (short for DC priesthood). We have played 11 games against 8 different parish teams of coaches, teachers, and teens. Thanks be to God, it has been growing and growing, averaging about 200 fans a game. The games have been great nights of fun for families while promoting vocations.

The Catholic Standard wrote an article about DC 'Hood a few months ago. The sales manager of the Washington Wizards read the article and generously called the Archdiocese to see if DC 'Hood ever wanted to play at the Verizon Center after a Wizards game. Umm, yeah! Thanks, Wizards!!

So, DC 'Hood will be playing at the Verizon Center (against CYO coaches after the Wizards 3:30 pm game versus the Chicago Bulls) on Sun., April 15. After our game, there will a game b/w CYO 11th and 12th grade co-ed all-stars; the winners of the two (16 minute) games will play in a "championship" game.

This event is intended to a) promote vocations, and b) raise funds for the CYO / OYM(Catholic Youth Organization/Office of Youth Ministry). We are helping CYO to sell tickets to the Wizards game; they receive a generous portion of the proceeds.

I personally will be purchasing a large amount of tickets the week of Feb. 11. Can you help me? The tickets are $ 25 (Upper Level B), $30 (Upper Level A), and $85 (Lower Level). Buying two $25 tickets, for example, would help greatly!! Even if you're not able or interested in going, can you make a donation to our cause? The more tickets we sell, the more we promote the priesthood and raise funds for our youth.

You can order tickets online - please click on the title of this post for the website address. Or, if you'd rather just make a donation, please email me (my address is under my profile page). It would be extremely helpful if we can get our orders in by mid-February.

Please forward this to others who can help.

Thank you all very much!! If you have questions, please call Bill Anderson (Wizards sales manager) at 202-628-3200 ext. 3855 or Deacon Mike Bond (CYO/OYM) at 202-281-2465. May God bless you all.

In Christ,
Fr Greg


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous mindy said...

Do you know how the seating will be organized? Will blocks of tickets will be held for CYO families in the same areas of each section or, if we want our St. A's families to sit together, should we order blocks of tickets together at one time? It'd be great if the kids could be together.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Fr Greg said...

Mindy, great question. It would be best if you call Bill Anderson with the Wizards. He will be able to answer your question better than I can.

Also, it will help him to see that there is interest (and be more likely to help us with sitting together!).

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous HSPrincess said...

Does one ticket count for all three games?

At 3:22 PM, Anonymous mindy said...

Just an FYI-
Found out that if groups want seat together, ticket requests need to be submitted together. No blocks of space will be set aside, as this will likely be a sold out game. Multiple forms can be sumbitted, but they should be sent in either via fax or mail at the same time or in the same package. Also, after the Wizards game, parish families will be invited to move down closer to the floor after the Wizards fans clear out. It's probably a good thing to mention in coming announcements.

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Fr Greg said...

HSPrincess, yes, with one ticket you can see all the games.

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


what does hs stand for?

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous HSPrincess said...



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