Friday, October 06, 2006

Bloggers' questions

Adoration, tonight, SAA Church, 7-8 pm. All are invited!!
Here are some recent questions from bloggers:

"As parishoners and non-parishoners we go to priests for guidance, counseling,encouragement, compassion etc. Whom do the priests go to?"
Other priests. For example, I meet with and go to Confession to a priest of the Archdiocese once a month. He is my spiritual director. This practice of meeting regularly with a spiritual director was very strongly encouraged in my seminary training.

"The Act Of Contrition. I have noticed that there are several Catholic versions - all quite similar but not completely. One Act of Contrition (this is the one you haved supplied) speaks of deserving God's just punishments. Is that referring to life on earth or after we die? Or is it referring to penance? Some other AOC's seem to have omitted this part".
In Confession, the penance that we receive should be proportionate to the sins we have committed; "the punishment should fit the crime". So, penance is a form of punishment; in the Sacrament, it represents "God's just punishments" for our specific sins. As a general practice, penance can be seen as punishment on Earth. But, "God's just punishments" also take place after we die: temporary punishment in Purgatory for venial sins or eternal punishment in Hell for mortal sins.

"Why is it bad to parish hop? I think it gives a person a chance to see what the other churches are doing and also to listen to homilies by different people."
Well, our parish community is our Catholic family, and Mass is our family meal, among other things. To attend Sunday Mass away from one's parish on a regular basis is analagous to kids eating dinner away from their family on a regular basis. Any good parent who wanted to keep his/her family intact wouldn't allow that.

"What are Ember Days/weeks?"
The days at the beginning of the seasons ordered by the Church as days of fast and abstinence.

"Shouldn't married couples also do their best to love equally and impartially?"
Yes. Like all of us, they are called to love all peoples equally and impartially. But, the fact is that they make permanent promises (of love, honor, service, respect, etc.) to each other before God and the Church that they make to no one else. Love in marriage is exclusive.


At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Father Greg or Othe Bloggers:

Where is Adoration held at SAA?
We have never been in the church.

Thanks very much.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Fr Greg said...

Hi Anon! Adoration will be in the Church. The address is: 11602 Kemp Mill Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20902. When you drive onto our lot, you'll see an entrance with an awning that says "St Andrew Apostle". Go in that door, and then to the right. You'll come to the doors of the Church at that point.

See you there!


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