Monday, September 18, 2006


Whoa, what a bummer last night's Redskins game was! They will eventually turn things around, but it may be too late in the season to matter. Oh well! As a result of our loss, I have to wear a Cowboys jersey of one of the SAA students for a day. Ewww!

And if last night wasn't bad enough, I woke up at 8:27 to say the 8:30 Mass this morning!! Doh! (thanks to the angels for finally waking me up; my alarm is fired). I ran over to Mass which the 3rd graders were attending. I began my homily by saying, "As you can probably tell by now, Fr. Greg, it will be a short homily!"
Yesterday, I took off the comments section of the SAA site. They are now hidden, not deleted. I will put them back up within the next week or so. The reason for all of this is because some bloggers who leave comments have links to their profiles / blog sites. A few parents of students at our school have asked to remove all links to sites that their kids shouldn't be seeing.

Even if the blog sites of our bloggers do not contain inappropriate material, they all contain buttons / links to sites that may be inapppropriate. For example, at the top part of each blog site, there is a button that says "next blog". It randomly pulls up a blog site which could be anything (terrorist, e.g.). We don't want our kids viewing sites they shouldn't see, and certainly shouldn't do anything that would promote that.

The blog sites and comments have been very good for so many of us, thanks be to God. We will continue to use these great tools to grow in our faith as communities. I don't enjoy for one second having to edit or censor them at all (nor do I have the time). But, first and foremost, they have to be safe havens for all of our viewers to go on the potent and dangerous internet, especially our young people.

So, for all future comments, I ask that bloggers remove their profiles and links to their sites. This week, I will try to contact those of you who have done this and ask for your cooperation. I am not placing blame on anyone because I think these were unintentional and unknowing mistakes. We are all still learning how to use these sites in the best way.

I hope that the parents of our school children express their appreciation for your cooperation.


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