Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Posts from teens about modest dress

Here are two posts from teenage girls from the past few days. The first one was posted over the weekend in response to questions raised about modesty from the SFA site. The second is in response to the post I made yesterday, "One's choice for clothing". Thank you, young ladies!
"hey im a female teen and this issue has definitely been brought to my attention since well i dont always dress in the most conservitive way. but after talking to some people about it and it being brought to my attention i thought about it and it definitely makes since that in church girls shouldnt be dressed as if they were on the beach trying to impress someone and since then every time i go to church i check what i am wearing and think about what others would think and if its modest enough i just hope other people start to do that too. great issue to bring up"
"I strongly agree with this blog. Its rare to find a teen such as myself agreeing to this. In my group, we're known for dressing proactivley and it gives us a name, the names usually aren't good or respectful because its true dressing like that we are only disrespecting ourselves. The boys are attracted to our physical appearence. Girls often mistake that attraction as the boy liking her that is why alot of girls dress like that. Girls often think dressing more appropriate will turn them off. It might turn the sex craved boys off, but atleast you'll have their respect. And besides its not the sex craved boys you want. Girls are so brainwashed into dressing like that to impress, but it only leads to dirty names and disrespect from your peers and the boys might call you 'sexy' or 'hott', but they'll also say hurtful things out of disprect. Boys see you disrespecting yourself, they'll do the same and take advantage of you. If you want a guy to take you seriously you have to take yourself seriously. I know I have dressed in ways I shouldn't untill I looked at what I got out of it and I wasn't happy. Dressing like that only gives you disrespect, names and guys wanting to use you. Teens really need to realize this. Thank you."


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